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Next to full proposal writing services that can be found through this contact form, Segler Consulting offers additional services revolving around EIC Accelerator grants or similar EU funding projects. These are in the area of support services which can be contracted based on hourly rates or specified project offers.

Extra support services are in the areas of:

  • Pitch Coaching: Practising and revising an investor pitch is a critical part of any application especially with a strong Venture Capital-focus as found for the EIC Accelerator. Practise sessions and suggestions for improvements are offered by Segler Consulting upon request.
  • Editions & Resubmissions: Receiving a rejection for an EIC Accelerator application is a common reality due to its high competitiveness especially for companies that are new to grant writing. Improving and resubmitting a proposal (incl. the interpretation of the Evaluation Summary Report – ESR) is a critical task in preparing a successful application and is likewise supported by Segler Consulting.
  • Reviews: For companies that have an existing application and prefer to implement improvements on their own, simple reviews and writing tips are offered by Segler Consulting.
  • Project Development: Support for the development and refinement of a commercial strategy, revenue model, budget or concrete work packages are offered for new applicants who want to improve their projects success chances.
  • Graphics and Illustrations: Segler Consulting produces graphics and illustrations for EIC Accelerator applications such as financial projections, concept graphics, technical drawings, etc. which can be requested after an initial project assessment.
  • Pitch Video: Support in scripting and structuring a video pitch.
  • Company Assessment: An in-depth assessment of a startup, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) or project is offered by Segler Consulting in collaboration with Venture Capitalists (VC) and expert EU evaluators.

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    These tips are not only useful for European startups, professional writers, consultants and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) but are generally recommended when writing a business plan or investor documents.

    Deadlines: Post-Horizon 2020, the EIC Accelerator accepts Step 1 submissions now while the deadlines for the full applications (Step 2) under Horizon Europe are:

    • Step 1 (short proposal)
      • open now
    • Step 2 (business plan)
      • 1st cut-off: (early 2024)
      • 2nd cut-off: -
      • 3rd cut-off: -
      • 4th cut-off: -
    • Step 3 (interview)
      • 1st cut-off: -
      • 2nd cut-off: -
      • 3rd cut-off: -
      • 4th cut-off: January 29th to February 9th 2024 (extended again)

    The Step 1 applications must be submitted weeks in advance of Step 2. The next EIC Accelerator cut-off for Step 2 (full proposal) can be found here. After Brexit, UK companies can still apply to the EIC Accelerator under Horizon Europe albeit with non-dilutive grant applications only - thereby excluding equity-financing.

    Contact: You can reach out to us via this contact form to work with a professional consultant.

    EU, UK & US Startups: Alternative financing options for EU, UK and US innovation startups are the EIC Pathfinder (combining Future and Emerging Technologies - FET Open & FET Proactive) with €4M per project, Thematic Priorities, European Innovation Partnerships (EIP), Innovate UK with £3M (for UK-companies only) as well as the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants with $1M (for US-companies only).

    Any more questions? View the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

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    by Stephan Segler, PhD
    Professional Grant Consultant at Segler Consulting

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