Professional Grant Proposal Writing

Why hire a professional grant proposal writer?

The EC has published templates for grant proposals but they are very general and do not guide the applicant to the content that makes a high-quality proposal.

We know what evaluators are looking for and what content needs to actually be in the proposal. Every project is different and there is no general way to present a project since business models, technological developments and market can be highly versatile.

What other advantages are there?

The proposal will present the complete project and since it is owned by you, it can be reused for other purposes such as for investors, other grants or for partners related to the project.

What is included in the writing services?

  • Writing of the proposal including design and project definition
  • The company profile document
  • An abstract for the project
  • The submission of the proposal through the EC portal and re-submissions if rejected


What is the next step?

We offer a free 20 min consultation to find out if the project is suitable for the funding, just fill out the form in the contact section.